What are the steps of the home inspection process?

If you’ve never had a home inspection before, you might be wondering how it works. Here are the five easy steps of the home inspection process.

1. First, make contact with your friendly neighborhood Home Inspector. You and the inspector can discuss over the phone the logistics of the inspection and what the inspection will entail.  Things like when you can meet, when you want the inspection done, what the cost would be, where the property is and how to gain entrance if it is unoccupied or otherwise not always accessible.  You’ll agreed on what items will be inspected and what items will not be inspected.

The inspector will tell you that he/she is going to inspect the condition of the dwelling and report on that only.  He/she will also probably tell you that he/she will not be able to tell you if you should buy or sell the dwelling, or whether it is being sold or bought at a good price.

2. Next, meet with the inspector at the residence at the agreed upon time for the inspection.  The inspector will go over the Home Inspection Pre-Agreement with you. This agreement outlines what was discussed on the phone.  Basically, what will and will not happen during the inspection, and the limitations of the inspector’s legal responsibilities. You’ll discuss the agreement and sign it.

3. Once the agreement is signed, the inspection will begin with a quick interview concerning the known facts about the residence.  He/she will ask things like what year was the house built, how old the roof is, whether the house is on municipal water or a well, is there a buried oil tank, etc. The discussion will bring to light any other particular concerns or items that may need special attention during the inspection.

4. At this point, the inspector should invite you to come along while he/she conducts the inspection.  You may or may not participate in the inspection – that’s entirely up to you. But the inspector should offer you the opportunity to observe.  Some clients find the inspection interesting and informative.  A typical inspection lasts 2 ½ – 3 hours depending on the condition and size of the dwelling as well as a host of other factors. The inspector will survey every facet of the property, noting his/her findings and answering any  questions you may have.

5. When the inspection is complete, the inspector will review the findings with you and provide you a detailed report containing written details and photographs within 24 hours. Upon your approval and satisfactory completion of the inspection, you provide payment and walk away a more confident and informed individual. If you have any questions after your report is delivered, you should be able to reach out to your home inspector for more information or support.

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