Why do I need a home inspection?

You’ve already committed to a large down payment. You’re thinking of real estate broker commissions, home insurance, taxes, utilities, mortgage payments, and more. The last thing you want to do right now is spend more money.

But the money you spend on a home inspection could be the most important money you spend throughout the entire process. Why? Here’s our Top 10 Reasons Why You Need a Home Inspection.

1. That home you’re about to buy is probably the biggest investment of your life, and you need to know its condition before you purchase it.

2. Does your roof, furnace or water heater need to be replaced or repaired? It’s an expensive repair, and you won’t know if you need it until you’ve had an inspection.

3. Can you smell lethal gas being leaked or vented into your home? Not necessarily. We perform special tests to check for gases that could harm your home or your health.

4. Is your house safe? We’ll look for things like loose railings, missing smoke detectors, or defective CO2 detectors.

5. Are your electrical outlets correctly wired to prevent electrocution or electrical fires? We’ll check that, too.

6. Did you know high water pressure can damage appliances and plumbing fixtures? It can, and it does, and we’ll make sure you know if it’s a problem.

7. Are there mechanical or structural issues with your property? How’s the foundation, how are the walls and floors? Even though your home looks sturdy, you need an inspector to tell you for sure.

8. Do you want to prevent flooding? We’ll examine your property’s drainage. Do you want to prevent unexpected injury? We’ll make sure your garage door operator meets modern safety standards. There are many items might that look fine on the surface that require a trained inspector to really understand.

9. Would you like to save money on your home purchase? Get the facts about your property so you can negotiate the price from a position of strength and knowledge.

10. The peace of mind you’ll get from a home inspection is truly priceless.

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